Alec Baldwin recently pleaded guilty to harassing a man during a highly publicized parking spot fight, but he insists he had his reasons. Baldwin appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday and pleaded his P.R. case. 

"I know that there was an incident in New York…" DeGeneres began.

“I punched a nun,” Baldwin said, joking. “I pulled her out of her car.”

“I mean, did I have an argument with the guy? Yeah, I thought he was going to run my wife [Hilaria Baldwin] over with his car when he was stealing my parking spot,” Baldwin, 60, explained. 

He went on to explain that it “upsets” him that people think he beat the guy up. 

“The cameras show from every angle that no one punched anybody, but once that story’s out there,” he said. “The DA never gets out there after the fact and says, ‘Mr. Baldwin is just such a great guy. He would never do a thing like …’ You know what I mean?”

Baldwin was ultimately sentenced to anger management classes and fined $120. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering …. He and Hilaria may be considering baby No. 6! They currently share five kids under 5, and he shares 23-year-old Ireland with ex Kim Basinger. 

Source: Pulse of Radio