Bethenny Frankel, 48, broke down in tears describing the alleged abuse she suffered at her ex Jason Hoppy’s hands when she took the stand in court. The estranged couple is in the midst of an acrimonious custody battle of their 8-year-old daughter Bryn.

The Real Housewives of New York City star claims that she has endured “increasingly abusive and hostile” behavior. Frankel described how he once told her: “If you leave me, you are dead to me. I want nothing to do with you. He said, ‘This is war, I’m going to destroy you, I’m going to ruin your life.’”

According to Page Six, the Skinnygirl founder then began sobbing and recalled the “mayhem” of sharing an apartment with Hoppy once she filed for divorce.

“He would be reading children’s stories and say, ‘Mommy would be a great witch,’” she said.

Describing the apartment, she said: “Rotting food in the refrigerator, dishes piled to the top. He would go to the bathroom in the toilets and wouldn’t flush them. He would whistle and sing and slam doors.”

She added, “He did everything he completely and possibly could to torture me.”

Frankel also claimed that she had to turn to police for protection after Hoppy snapped when he saw her with her late ex, Dennis Shields.

Frankel said: “I went to the police because I was afraid for my safety. My daughter was steps away, we were at a schoolyard, and if he couldn’t control himself … I didn’t know what he was capable of.”


Frankel detailed Hoppy’s alleged harassment, saying he stalked her via messages, phone calls and FaceTime calls, talking about her appearance and sending her negative press clips.

She reportedly submitted more than 500 pages of evidence, plus iPhones with recordings of their calls. In one, Hoppy tells Brynn, “X amount of days until you are back with Daddy,” “Isn't it so nice to have a dad who loves you, right Bethenny?”

Source: Pulse of Radio