Catholic officials are not laughing over Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson’s “disgraceful and offensive” remarks likening fans of R. Kelly to fans of the Catholic Church on “Weekend Update.”

Noting first that Kelly “is a monster who should go to jail forever,” he asked: “But if you support the Catholic Church, isn’t that like the same thing as being an R. Kelly fan? I don’t really see the difference, except like one’s music is significantly better.” ( 0:14 OC: … “significantly better.”)

In a statement, the Diocese of Brooklyn said: “The faithful of our Church are disgusted by the harassment by those in news and entertainment, and this sketch offends millions. The mockery of this difficult time in the Church’s history serves no purpose. The clergy sex abuse crisis is shameful, and no one should ever get a laugh at the expense of the victims who have suffered irreparably.”

But on Twitter, both self-described Catholics and SNL fans weren’t having it.

One critic wrote: “Being Catholic let me say 1) it's a joke 2) reap what one sows. You have to acknowledge a problem before you can address it, and with over 100 priest accused it's a serious problem,” while another said: “As soon as the Catholic Church apologizes for all the damage they have done to children from the 60s…70s…80s…90s…00s…2010s…. The thousands of children Priests have raped and then covered up…. Then maybe Pete can apologize. Hows that?”

Source: Pulse of Radio