Chrissy Teigen put on her boxing gloves this morning before hitting up Twitter. Responding to Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s critique of Time magazine for including her their top 100 influential people of 2019 list, Teigen dubbed Ingraham a “corny monster.”

Ingraham said: “Well, peaking of glamourous, model and wife of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, was also chosen as one of the '100 most influential. Now, she's also known for her vicious attacks on President Donald Trump. She was chosen, according to the profile, because quote, 'All her life, Chrissy Teigen has liked to eat. She's not shy about that or anything else, really. Well that’s nice, and innovative, I guess … eating. But did most Americans like her take on female empowerment during last week's Democrat Retreat?”

The show cut to Teigen saying that she thought women should say “f*** you” more often.

Here’s what Teigen said: “Corny monster. There were 1 million other ways to try and take me down and this is what you choose? F*** you.”

But she didn’t stop there. Teigen continued: “When time comes out with their 100 most influential white supremacists list, I promise I won’t question your worthiness, @IngrahamAngle.”

She then fired off a gif of Ingraham seemingly gesturing the Nazi “Sieg Heil” salute before switching to a wave.

Source: Pulse of Radio