Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha has challenged her sister to a lie detector test — claiming that everything she put in the letter to their dad was a lie. In the letter, the Duchess of Sussex begged her dad to stop "victimizing" her and talking to the press.

She also wrote about being hurt by Samantha's lies, writing, “You fixated and clicked on the lies they were writing about me, especially those manufactured by your other daughter, who I barely know. You watched me silently suffer at the hand of her vicious lies. I crumbled inside.”

Samatha responded to the letter, telling the Daily Star, “She says she doesn’t know me and she lied and said she was never close to my dad … if pointing out that what she says are all lies breaks your heart, too bad because what I’m saying is the truth.”

She continued, “I would challenge her to take a lie detector test anywhere on the planet with investigators that are not paid by her to skew the results. Quite frankly I had faith in her on and off to do the right thing by her dad but I’m sick of the bullsh*t.”

Meanwhile, she tweeted earlier this week, “If I had 600 mill she would care. He did try to contact her she was the one who ignored him and all of us. She can write all the fake, contrived letters she wants to show off her penmanship but that’s all it is.”

Kensington Palace declined to comment.

Source: Pulse of Radio