A Friday evening performance of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton in San Francisco left at least three people injured. An attendee suffered a medical emergency, and the situation was mistaken for an active shooter incident. 

During the musical’s pivotal scene (when Alexander Hamilton is shot by Aaron Burr in a duel), a woman had a heart attack. Several audience members reportedly “self evacuated” after they saw her stand up and go seek treatment, assuming she’d been shot. 

Panic spread further after an audience member shouted “gun!” There was a stampede, and police say that three were injured, the most serious result being a broken leg. The woman who suffered a heart attack is in critical condition. 

In a tweet, the city’s Orpheum Theatre said: “During a medical event at the SHN Orpheum Theatre this evening an audience member activated the theater's fire pull station. The audience and cast followed the life/safety system's automatic announcement and exited the theater.” However, attendees’ accounts differed, with some describing “mass chaos” with  “absolutely no support and direction” from the staff. 

Source: Pulse of Radio