Oprah faced backlash this past weekend for declaring that it is time so say goodbye to Michael Jackson — one last time” in a social media post. The media mogul — who is hosting an interview with the accusers after part two of the Leaving Neverland documentary airs, posted on her Oprah Magazine page,”It’s time to say goodbye to Michael Jackson—one last time. Up until a few days ago, OprahMag.com’s digital director @ariannagab was a Michael Jackson defender and had go-to lines about separating the artist from the man or how there was never any real proof that he abused children. But then @oprah and #LeavingNeverland finally convinced her to let go of the King of Pop.”

The post continued, “Her Aha-moment: Leaving Neverland is much bigger than Michael Jackson. It’s bigger than Michael Jackson’s fans, bigger than defending the soundtrack to your childhood. Instead, it is about the millions of people in this world who never got to have a childhood because of the sexual abuse they experienced before their young brains were even developed enough to know what was occurring.”

People dragged Oprah on social media. One person tweeted, “Michael Jackson trusted you, let you go into his house to know his life better, you interviewed his sons, his ex-wife. they trusted you! and now you go interview the accusers of Michael in your program?”

Another person wrote, “Oprah Winfrey after you're done intervieweing the allege two MICHAEL JACKSON SEXUAL abuse victims . . . Have that same ENERGY interviewing the allege victims of HARVEY WEINSTEIN, ROMAN POLANSKI, WOODY ALLEN, JEFFREY EPSTEIN, CHARLIE ROSE, MATT LAUER, CHARLIE SHEEN, LES MOONVES, BILL O'REILLY, Donald Trump, etc. Or are you just having shows about BLACK potential sex predators entertainers?


Wade Robson said Michael told him if he told they would both go to jail:

“And he started talking about how much he loves me, what this is is us, how we show our love for each other. And that other people were ignorant and stupid and they'd never understand. If they ever found out what we were doing . . . then he and I'd be pulled a part . . . and that he and I would go to jail for the rest of our lives.”

Wade says Michael would abuse him

“When we were in Los Angeles . . . Wade and Michael would stay in the room a lot, I would presume playing games . . . watching cartoons, he was a big cartoon watcher.” Wade: “Once the abuse started . . every night that I was with him, there was abuse while my mother was next door.”

Source: Pulse of Radio