Paris Jackson has added to her tattoo collection. The 20-year-old model and daughter of the late musical icon Michael Jackson posted shots of the four new tattoos, which she got in honor of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album.

Jackson got four tattoos in all on her right arm: Jimmy Page's “Zoso” symbol, Robert Plant’s feather symbol, John Paul Jones’ symbol, and John Bonham’s trinity symbol inked down the back of her right arm. All four were featured on the band’s fourth album.

“Was planning for a few months on just getting zoso but then I said f**k it and,” Jackson tweeted along with a picture.

It is unclear if she is still in treatment for her mental health, but when a fan tweeted at her asking how she was doing, she wrote: “neva betta.” After news broke of her treatment, Jackson posted a shot of herself and her dog, writing: “Yes I’ve taken a break from work and social media and my phone because it can be too much sometimes, and everyone deserves a break, but I am happy and healthy and feeling better than ever!”