Patricia Arquette was not rooting for her brother David’s return to the ring. The Oscar-winner dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, and vented about her younger brother’s wrestling career reboot.

The 47-year-old was a WCS World Heavyweight Champ in 2000. “Well, he was the world champion of wrestling many, many years ago, so this is a revival of his wrestling career,” the 50-year-old told host Ellen DeGeneres.

Patricia and Ellen discuss his revived career: [“So he started wrestling again, and it is scary. He’s older now, he had a heart attack, and now he’s wrestling.” Ellen: “When did he have a heart attack?” Patricia: “About a year, year and a half ago.” Ellen: “Does it scare you to watch?” Patricia: “It really scares me. I actually don’t watch the matches because it would terrify me too much.”] (SOUNDCUE OC: … too much)] 


David previously opened up about his return, telling People that he did it save face. 

“Eighteen years ago, I won a WCW World Heavyweight Belt,” said David. “But that win was a big disgrace to the belt and the wrestling community and ever since people have been criticizing me. I really wanted to prove myself and stand up for myself. I was sick of being bullied and for people thinking I’m just some punk from Hollywood.”

Source: Pulse of Radio