See "Last Night's TV" audio for soundbites from the game, the halftime show, post-game interviews and select commercials. We've also included Gladys Knight's performance of the National Anthem and Chloe x Halle singing "America the Beautiful."


The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl 53 last night (February 3rd) in Atlanta, winning their sixth Super Bowl to tie the Pittsburgh Steelers for most titles. But this game was far from the Patriots dynasty's most exciting championship-winner, setting a record as the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever. The first three quarters of the game seemed at times to be a punting showcase, as both teams managed to score only one field goal each — and in fact, that was all the Rams scored — until New England finally showed enough scoring spark in the fourth quarter to take home another Lombardi Trophy. Even though quarterback Tom Brady won the MVP in four of the five Super Bowls the Pats had previously won, the MVP last night went to receiver Julian Edelman, who was the most consistent standout of the game, making 10 receptions for 141 yards.

Lackluster First to Third Quarters:

Neither team scored in the first quarter, and in a sign of what was to come in the defense-dominated game, Brady was intercepted on the first pass he threw. Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed a 46-yard field goal, and Brady was sacked for the first time this post-season. But the Patriots got on the scoreboard first, with Gostkowski making a 42-yard field goal in the second quarter, while the Rams, led by 24-year-old quarterback Jared Goff, couldn't get anything going, and Goff got hit by a couple of the four sacks he was brought down by in the game. The teams headed to the locker rooms at halftime with New England up 3-0. Los Angeles finally put up some points in the third quarter on a field goal by Greg Zuerlein, but that would turn out to be all they'd score.

Patriots Break Out in Fourth Quarter:

The fourth quarter started with the teams tied at 3-3, the first time a Super Bowl has gone into the fourth without a touchdown, and it stayed that way until the Patriots finally scored a touchdown with seven minutes left to play, with rookie Sony Michel running in a two-yard score. The TD was set up a play earlier with a 29-yard catch by Rob Gronkowski on the Rams' two-yard line, the only time either team got into the red zone. The Rams tried to get the points back, with Goff finally putting together something of a drive, but he threw an interception that was picked off by Stephon Gilmore with 4:17 left at New England's two-yard line. The Patriots added another field goal with 1:12 left to take a 10-point lead. L.A. blew their final, really long-shot chance to come back when Zuerlein missed a 48-yard field goal with five seconds left. One more whistle and a Brady kneel-down, and the Patriots were champions again.


Brady, at age 41, is the oldest winning Super Bowl quarterback. With his sixth Super Bowl win, Brady also passed Charles Haley to hold the record alone as the player with the most Super Bowl titles.
Despite the record low-scoring game, the Patriots' 10-point margin of victory was the largest of their Super Bowl wins. They also tied for the lowest points allowed in a Super Bowl with the 1972 Dallas Cowboys, who held the Miami Dolphins to three points.
Bill Belichick became the oldest winning Super Bowl head coach at age 66. He also has the most championships as a head coach with six.
MVP winner Edelman missed all of last season, including the Patriots' Super Bowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, after tearing a knee ligament in the preseason.


Gronkowksi makes 29-yard catch to set up Pats' touchdown:

This pass!

Brady and Gronk looking GOOD.


— NFL (@NFL) February 4, 2019

Michel scores touchdown for Patriots:

[email protected] scores the first TD of @SuperBowl [email protected] up 10-3.


— NFL (@NFL) February 4, 2019

Gilmore intercepts Goff pass with 4:17 left:

[email protected] PICKS OFF Jared Goff with 4:17 left in the game. @Patriots leading 10-3.


— NFL (@NFL) February 4, 2019

Patriots get final field goal with 1:12 left:

It's good!


— NFL (@NFL) February 4, 2019

Patriots win:

Unbelievable!!! @patriots win! Super Bowl champions!! #SuperBowl #SBLIII

— Harry Kane (@HKane) February 4, 2019

The @Patriots took home their SIXTH @SuperBowl 🏆#SBLIII Full Game Highlights ⬇️

— NFL (@NFL) February 4, 2019



— NFL (@NFL) February 4, 2019


— New England Patriots (@Patriots) February 4, 2019

10 catches.
141 yards.
1 MVP.

— New England Patriots (@Patriots) February 4, 2019

A special moment for Tom Brady & @Edelman11 🏆 #SBLIII

— NFL (@NFL) February 4, 2019

WATCH: New England #Patriots fans took to the streets Sunday night in Boston to celebrate their team’s #SuperBowl LIII win. 🏈

— CBS News (@CBSNews) February 4, 2019

During the #SuperBowILIII festivities a hole opened in the celebrating crowd as #UMass students wave Patriots flags and throw toilet paper and opened canned beverages into the air. @MDCollegian

— Chris McLaughlin (@ChrisMcLJournal) February 4, 2019


#LARams fall short in Atlanta 💔

— Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) February 4, 2019

Thank you @JaredGoff16 and the @RamsNFL for an absolutely incredible season. #SBLIII

— NFL (@NFL) February 4, 2019



Sister duo Chloe x Halle on Sunday kicked off Super Bowl LIII with a performance of “America the Beautiful” at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in their hometown of Atlanta.

Dressed in black ensembles, The grown-ish stars received a warm welcome from the spectators and players. They were accompanied by Aarron Loggins, a deaf activist who used sign language to translate the song.

Fans went wild online as the girls belted out the song, with Reese Witherspoon tweeting her approval with big star emojis for the girls.


Chloe x Halle’s performance was followed by Gladys Knight singing the National Anthem – who created the first controversy of Super Bowl LIII, at least for those who bet on how long her rendition of the national anthem would last.

One of the most famous Super Bowl prop bets is the length of the national anthem. Before Super Bowl 53, there was some controversy over whether Knight went over or under after she sang “brave” twice at the end of the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Oddly enough, the placement of the second brave was crucial to the prop bet as she went under after saying the first one, and went over with the second one.

If you count Knight’s anthem after the first brave, the record would show she finished at 1:49, according to Bovada and OddsShark. Most prop bets had the length at 1:50, so the second brave would have sent it way over. While most books drew the line at the under, BetOnline.AG is paying out both the over and under. “Most sports books are choosing to pay under bettors, while some are sticking with their initial ruling on the over. But is going another route, and they’re currently the only sports book paying out both sides of the bet due to the controversial ending,” the company said a statement. is predicting a six figure loss because of the decision.

Controversy aside, Knight delivered a soulfully dignified “Star-Spangled Banner” atop a cinematic orchestral arrangement, punctuated by a flyover from the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. It was a homecoming performance for the Atlanta-born legend, who took the field in a bejeweled white gown.

Knight’s appearance came amid the NFL’s ongoing controversy involving kneeling players and the national anthem. The 74-year-old singer had defended her decision to perform, saying she wanted to “give the anthem back its voice” and citing her lifelong civil-rights work.


Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi took the stage during halftime, breaking up the low-scoring game. The band kicked off the performance with some of their biggest hits, before including a couple of their recent chart-toppers. Scott and Big Boi contributed one song each to the performance.

Maroon 5 opened the show with a throwback from their first album, Harder to Breathe, as red sparklers erupted around the stadium and the crowd went wild. Next, Levine continued the nostalgia with “This Love.”

Then after the brief SpongeBob Squarepants interlude introduced Scott, Levine supported him with his guitar before taking to the stage again for “Girls Like You,” which he sang with help from Voice of Atlanta choir.

Next, Maroon 5 threw it back once again with “She Will Be Loved” as the crowd looked on and released paper lanterns into the sky to spell “One Love.”

Then the third headliner, Big Boi, rolled up in a car wearing a floor-length fur coat while rapping Outkast’s classic “I Like the Way You Move.”

Meanwhile, a rumored and much anticipated SpongeBob SquarePants tribute left many social media users wanting more. A short sequence paying tribute to the famed “Band Geeks” episode of the cartoon served as an introduction to Travis Scott performing “Sicko Mode.”

More than a million people signed a petition for the halftime show to pay tribute to Stephen Hillenburg, the late creator of SpongeBob. The petition asked for a rendition of “Sweet Victory,” a song during the “Bubble Bowl” in the episode.

And while the cartoon character made an appearance, the tribute stopped short of singing the song, displeasing many.

Sunday marked Maroon 5’s first-ever Super Bowl performance. Before the performance, Scott revealed that he had only agreed to play the halftime show if the NFL agreed to join him in making a joint donation to a charitable cause. In partnership with the league, the rapper made a $500,000 contribution to Dream Corps, a non-profit organization that champions social justice.

Ahead of the game, Maroon 5, the NFL and Interscope Records also announced their decision to make a $500,000 contribution to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

The show earned the musical acts mixed reviews. Many viewers were underwhelmed by the performances, sharing their views on Twitter, while others thought Adam Levine and his bandmates brought their best.


Chloe x Halle Sing :America The Beautiful”:

Gladys Knight Belts Out The National Anthem:


Look at @chloexhalle starting the #SuperBowlLlll ! ✨✨✨

— Reese Witherspoon (@RWitherspoon) February 3, 2019

I have to say that this Super Bowl opening is among, if not THE best ever. The two sisters doing "America The Beautiful" and the Gladys Knight doing "The National Anthem' were absolutely spectacular.

— Eddie Huff (@Freshblkcoffee) February 3, 2019

Chloe x Halle just gave us one of the best renditions of America the Beautiful ever. #SuperBowl

— Who’s Booking These Flights? (@BEYUPDATES2) February 3, 2019

I have no idea who Chloe x Halle are but I'm HERE FOR IT.
Voices: amazing.
Outfits: on fucking point.
Beautiful and talented 🖤 #SuperBowl

— Caroline Danielson (@CarolinemarieD) February 3, 2019

I know a lot of y’all aren’t watching the Super Bowl but Chloe x Halle killed it. 🔥

— malachi (@agrandesera) February 3, 2019

JUST IN: There's controversy over the Gladys Knight national anthem.

One sportsbook graded the OVER as a win and then took it back.

Apparently, she might have said "BRAVE" twice.

First brave would have made it the UNDER. End of second brave would have made it the OVER.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) February 3, 2019

Some books are grading the national anthem as an UNDER, ruling that the song ended before Gladys Knight said "brave" for a second time.

— OddsShark (@OddsShark) February 3, 2019

Their “investigation” was as deep as which one made them more money.

— Call me Chad 😉 (@CaliforniaPaddy) February 4, 2019

Is it from the first lyric or first note? I timed if from the first note at 2:13 unofficially. Details that matter…

— Jeremy Pate  (@jeremypate) February 4, 2019

Gladys Knight did not come here to play around like Fergie. She came to SING. THE. NATIONAL. ANTHEM!
Thank you for honoring our country, Classy Lady. #StarSpangledBanner #NationalAnthem #GladysKnight

— Shennanigator (@Shennanigator) February 3, 2019

@MsGladysKnight You’re a beautiful star! Thank you for honoring our country with your gift! #SuperBowlLIII #starspangledbanner

— Suzanne Howard (@howardmom7) February 3, 2019

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! Gladys Knight just sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, y’all… OMG!!!! OMG!!!🤭❤️ #Legend

— Tammy L (@Tammy_who) February 3, 2019

Maroon 5's Full Halftime Performance:


Having the @SEC school bands play during the #SuperBowl halftime show I think would have been a better show.

— Anthony (@statmaster83) February 4, 2019

This has to be THE MOST BORING SUPERBOWL EVER!!!!!! Even the halftime show was a snoozefest!!! #SuperBowl

— Anne P. (@MsAnnaBanAnna) February 4, 2019

That halftime show is the reason I have trust issues #SuperBowl

— Austin Adams (@ujellylol) February 4, 2019

maroon 5 out of 10

— gabe bergado (@gabebergado) February 4, 2019

#Maroon5 #SuperBowl halftime show stage was great.

— Juan Carlos Ulloa (@jculloa) February 4, 2019

Maroons 5 performance was 🔥🔥 #HalftimeShow #SuperBowl

— Mia (@miathedancer15) February 4, 2019

What fixes a lame Superbowl halftime show?

Adam Levine taking his shirt off. #patriotssuck

— Danielle (@danimarie_83) February 4, 2019

Maroon 5, Rams 3

— Barry Petchesky (@barry) February 4, 2019

when they didn’t play the full spongebob sweet victory scene and they replaced it with sicko mode

— Stri:(a (@StrikaNation24_) February 4, 2019

If that was supposed to be the @SpongeBob tribute, I’m suing. #PepsiHalftimeShow #PepsiHalftime

— Judd Baker (@juddbakertv) February 4, 2019

When they play a clip of Spongebob but don't play Sweet Victory #Spongebob #SuperBowl

— Amanda Bishop (@ominousrumbling) February 4, 2019


Advertisers paid more than $5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl ad this year. Humor, as always, was front and center in many ads, and mixed in with the usual celebrities and rappers, robots and artificial intelligence were a big theme this year. Advertisers steered clear of controversy and politics, instead showcasing some spots that paid tribute to first responders, military members and even the importance of a free press. Here are some of the commercials your listeners may be talking about today (SOUND is provided in "Last Night's TV" audio for ads in blue section):

Ads with Sound provided:

Hyundai Shopper Assurance – Jason Bateman stars — Car shopping compared to awful things during store elevator ride, like dental work, jury duty, "the talk" and a vegan dinner party.

Flamin' Hot Nacho Doritos – Chance the Rapper raps and joins the Backstreet Boys in singing their song, "I Want It That Way."

Pepsi – Steve Carell, Lil John and Cardi B. school a waiter in how great Pepsi is.

Pringles – A smart speaker is sad because it can't taste its owner's Pringles that are stacked to combine their flavors

TurboTax – A "robochild" wants to be a Turbotax CPA.

Bumble – Serena Williams in a female empowerment spot for Bumble, a dating app that requires women to send the first message.

Kia Telluride – Boy talks in serious, emotional spot about the workers in Georgia building the Kia Telluride.

Bubbly – Singer Michael Buble for Bubbly sparkling water, in a play on his last name

Devour Frozen Foods – Woman's boyfriend has addiction to devour frozen foods, describes it in porn-sounding way.

Michelob Ultra — Actress/singer Zoe Kravitz in ASMR ad for the beer.

Other Memorable Ads:

Olay – Sarah Michelle Gellar struggles to unlock her phone to call for help when a masked psycho breaks into her house because the facial-recognition won't work anymore after she's been using Olay moisturizer.

Bud Light – Bud Light did several "Medieval" commercials which had a theme that the beer doesn't contain corn syrup, like competitors Miller Lite and Coors Lite do. But one Bud Light ad was a surprise cross-over promo for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones. The Bud Knight faces an evil character in a jousting tournament and suddenly a dragon swoops in and starts breathing fire.

The National Corn Growers Association wasn't happy about Bud Light's "no corn syrup" ads, and tweeted at them about it:

[email protected] America’s corn farmers are disappointed in you. Our office is right down the road! We would love to discuss with you the many benefits of corn! Thanks @MillerLight and @CoorsLite for supporting our industry.

— National Corn (NCGA) (@NationalCorn) February 4, 2019

Expensify – Rapper 2 Chainz is told he'll need receipts for the record label for all the expensive things in his music video, but he says he doesn't need to worry because he has Expensify's expense management system.

Audi e-tron GT Electric Car – A man sees his dead grandfather who shows him the Audi e-tron GT electric car. He's loving how cool it is, but is jolted back to reality as a co-worker is doing the Heimlich maneuver on him because he choked on a cashew.

Avocados From Mexico — Dogs watching as humans compete in a dog show-like competition, with Kristin Chenoweth as one of show's TV hosts, as they vie for dishes made with avocado.

Google – Google had two feel-good ads, one about how Google Translate helps people communicate around the world, and another about how it can help military veterans find jobs.

Mercedes-Benz A Class – In the ad touting the car's voice recognition, a man just has to say he wants something and it happens, including things like turning an opera into a Ludacris concert, making money rain from an ATM, changing traffic lights, and freeing the Free Willy orca.

Planters Peanuts – The Planters peanut-mobile drives recklessly at top speed so Mr. Peanut can get nuts to snack on to Alex Rodriguez, who's about to bite into a kale chip. Charlie Sheen cameos too.

Mint Mobile – A man questions Mint Mobile's wireless Internet promo, saying, "That's not right," and a spokesman pops up and says it is right, but what isn't right is chunky milk. People are then shown drinking gross chunky milk.

Stella Artois – Sarah Jessica Parker reprises her Carrie Bradshaw character from Sex and the City and Jeff Bridges brings back "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski as they both order a Stella Artois in a bar.

Michelob Ultra – A robot can do things like golf, fight, run, etc. amazingly well, but sadly looks in bar because it can't have a beer with friends.

Colgate Total – Luke Wilson plays a "close talker" who walks around right in front of people's faces at the office, and is therefore happy he has Colgate Total.

Burger King – A young Andy Warhol is shown in old film eating a Burger King burger. The company bought the rights to air the clip of the famous late pop art artist.

Budweiser – A happily wind-blown dog rides on a Clydesdales-drawn Budweiser wagon as Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" plays.

Amazon – Harrison Ford and Forest Whitaker appear in ad about supposed Alexa "fails," including an Alexa toothbrush, dog collar, and hot tub.

NFL 100th Season – The NFL celebrates its 100th season with an ad that features 44 active and retired NFL players who turn a banquet hall dinner into a football free-for-all after a decorative football on top of a cake falls off and a player yells, "Fumble!"


Bud Light-'Game of Thrones'"

Avocados From Mexico"

Mercedes-Benz A Class:

Colgate Total

Amazon Alexa

NFL 100th Season


'USA Today' Ad Meter: USA Today held its annual Ad Meter review of the Super Bowl commercials in which people register online and vote on the ads. The full results, including the most popular and least popular ads, will be available today (February 4th) as of 8:15 a.m. ET at:

Here is what some news outlets thought were the best and worst ads:

CNN Business – Winners & losers:
'Adweek' – 5 Best Ads:
'TV Guide' – Best and Worst Ads:
'Billboard' – Best and Worst Ads:


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