The Bad Company reissue series rolls on with the deluxe version of the band's 1979 classic Desolation Angels coming on January 10th. The newly remastered and expanded version of the band's double-platinum album features nine unreleased tracks. Desolation Angels, Bad Company's fifth studio set, was released on March 17th, 1979, with its album title — a salute to Jack Kerouac novel of the same name — having been nearly used by Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke as the title to Free's second album back in 1969, which was titled, simply Free.

Desolation Angels, a solid Top Three hit in the U.S., was propelled by the massive success of the album's lead track and single, “Rock N' Roll Fantasy,” an instant FM radio staple, which hit Number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Frontman Paul Rodgers told us that it was a fascinating exercise to revisit himself and his bandmates coming up with the goods, essentially, a lifetime ago: “It’s interesting to listen to the outtakes and different versions of what we did, ‘cause it’s 40 years ago; who remembers exactly how you got there, y’know? But one of the great things about this, Rhino said they would be transferring our music from the actual tapes from vinyl and CD and that’s what caught my interest.”

Drummer Simon Kirke told us that, like the Desolation Angels classic, he's truly lived out a “Rock N' Roll Fantasy”: “Fantasy-slash-reality. If anyone had asked, had told me that I'd still be going out on tour, enjoying it, playing to lots and lots of people, and selling lots and lots of records, I would have said they're mad. So from that aspect, it is a fantasy. I mean, I'm living a, a dream that I started dreaming many, many years ago.”

The tracklsiting to the 40th anniversary edition of Desolation Angels is:

Disc One “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy” “Crazy Circles” “Gone, Gone, Gone” “Evil Wind” “Early In The Morning” “Lonely For Your Love” “Oh, Atlanta” “Take The Time” “Rhythm Machine” “She Brings Me Love” Disc Two “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy” – Alternative Version “Gone, Gone, Gone” – Alternative Version “Evil Wind” – Alternative Version “Early In The Morning” – Alternative Version “Smokin’ 45” – Outtake/Alternative Version “Oh, Atlanta” – Slow Version with Rhodes “Rhythm Machine” – Alternative Version “She Brings Me Love” – Alternative Version “Rock Fever” – Outtake

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