Bono has expanded his song, "Let Your Love Be Known," into a full-blown collaboration with, Jennifer Hudson, and Yoshiki. Last week, Bono had uploaded the new piano ballad for the people of Italy who are currently quarantined due to the Coronavirus. Rolling Stone reported the tune is now called, "Sing For Life," with the accompanying video featuring the artists all singing to one another in their respective isolation. posted on his YouTube account: "This song was created to bring joy. In times like these, creative people must continue to collaborate…whether you are a computer scientist, an engineer, a therapist or a teacher, just because we are self-isolating or in quarantine doesn’t mean you are alone. The beauty of international connectivity is that nobody is alone on the (sic) internet! Use this time to be creative and collaborate remotely to solve problems. A healthy body also means a healthy mind."

Bono explained that at the end of the day it's the connection between his music and the listeners that makes it matter: ["That is, y'know, (laughs) my drug of choice. That's for me, the thing. I cannot believe you hear this melody line in your head and you, sort of, take it down and you find words for it and arrangement for it — and the next thing y'know, you can be in a car in Tokyo, and it's on the radio. That's really my, my drug of choice. And songs are everything, really, to us."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . really to us)

Bono On Songwriting :