Jimmy Page will issue a new amplifier that will reproduce the sound of early-Led Zeppelin. The newly reproduced amp comes on the heels of Page's iconic 1959 “dragon” Fender Telecaster being released as four signature models later this year to celebrate Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary.

A description of the new signature “Sundragon” amp was posted on the new site, Sundragonamp.com, which reads in part: “Sundragon is the result of a collaboration between Jimmy Page, Perry Margouleff and Mitch Colby. It is a faithful recreation of the amp Jimmy Page used exclusively to create the groundbreaking sounds on Led Zeppelin 1 and other notable recordings. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy would like to present Sundragon, an amplifier that gives guitarists the opportunity to enjoy the sounds he created to shape the future of Rock and Roll. A limited edition run of 50 hand built amps will be made throughout 2019, all signed by Jimmy Page. A standard production run of the amp will be available later in the year.”

Page said in a statement about the new amp: “I had been impressed with the forensic analysis both Mitch and Perry had put into the research of the sonic reproduction of the original Supro amp to arrive at the Sundragon.”

Jimmy Page explained that even with identical musical gear, a player's creative fingerprint will always shine through: “Through the years, guitarists that you know — certainly within the electric guitar — will say if you had four guitarists that you know and a guitar and an amplifier there, they would come and play it and they would sound exactly like they sound. Because of the tactile aspect of the instrument is feeling, an incredible phenomenon — but it's absolutely true. And yet, I would play it and I wouldn't sound anything like any of them.”

For more info, log on to: https://www.sundragonamp.com/