Nowhere Boy, the 2009 biopic about John Lennon's teenage years is now being turned into a musical. Nowhere Boy is centered around the relationship between Lennon, his mother Julia and her sister Mimi Smith, who raised Lennon as a child, as he formed the Quarrymen, which eventually turned into The Beatles.

The musical will be co-producer by Brian and Dayna Lee of AF Creative Media and Robyn Goodman and Josh Fiedler of Aged in Wood. The producers will be looking for a scriptwriter in the near future. They'd like to debut the musical within the next few years.

Brian said, “We’ve just secured the rights of the film. As a team we’ll be traveling to London this summer, trying to figure out the right person to bring this narrative to life.”

The producers will start looking for someone to write the script, with the hopes of premiering the production in the U.K. at some point within the next few years. Although Yoko Ono has been told about the musical, she hasn't authorized it.

Source: Pulse of Radio