Kansas will perform a special show at New York City's Beacon Theatre on December 14th, in which they'll perform 1976's Leftoverture and 1977's Point Of Know Return in their entirety. Co-founding drummer Phil Ehart told Ultimate Classic Rock, “The Beacon, as I think any of my peers will tell you, that’s a very special show. We’ve all played there, but we’ve played there at different times or with other bands. Going in with Kansas by ourselves and doing Leftoverture and Point Of Know Return in their entirety back-to-back is kind of throwing the dice. It really is. Nothing’s ever guaranteed. But we knew when the offer came to do the show that we had to make it special.”

Ehart said that the band will open the show with an acoustic set of fan favorites throughout their career, before the double-punch of the classic '70s albums.

He went on to explain that it was the Kansas' die-hard fans who never let them forget the importance of their back-to-back '70s classics: “I guess one thing that we had forgotten about, and our fans reminded us, is how big those albums were and how popular those albums were. We never take ‘em for granted, but when you just kind of pick three or four songs off of each album and play those over and over and over again, over the years, you kind of forget about the rest of the songs that were on there and really, how much impact both of those albums had on the band, as well as our fans at that particular time. Those two albums really shot us into a headlining situation we hadn’t experienced before.”

Drummer Phil Ehart recalled to us when he and Kansas first realized that Leftoverture just might be a hit: “When we heard '. . . Wayward Son,' once it was finished and listened back to, we all kinda looked at each other and went, 'Y'know, this could be something very special. This could possibly do something no other song has done.' Of course, as soon as it got out there, it just exploded. So, we had a little bit of a feeling, but there was no slam dunks with Kansas, ever. There never has been. We did feel very strongly (laughs) about 'Dust In The Wind'; we thought, 'That should do well on the radio' — and of course, it did.”

Kansas kicks off its next set of shows on May 17th in Ocala, Florida at Circle Square Cultural Center.