Paul McCartney has announced the release of the massive Egypt Station – Traveller’s Edition for May 10th. According to the press release, "This strictly limited deluxe edition of the Number One album Egypt Station will be a one-time-only pressing limited to 3,000 numbered cases. The Traveller’s Edition arrives in a vintage style suitcase and contains exclusive previously unreleased tracks, hidden rarities and all the essentials needed on your journey to Egypt Station and beyond."

No price for the set is given, but fans can sign up here: to be emailed a "unique link" for access to purchase the set. Pre-order begins today (Friday, February 15th) at 9 a.m. ET. Due to the limited quantity of this edition, sales will be on a first come, first served basis.

The Egypt Station – Traveller’s Edition audio and video content is:

Limited Edition Concertina Tri-Fold Deluxe 180G Vinyl Double Black Disc Pressing of Egypt Station.

Exclusive Limited Edition Bonus 180G Vinyl Pressing of Egypt Station II in "Night Scene” blue, featuring three previously unreleased tracks — "Frank Sinatra’s Party," "Sixty Second Street" and extended cut of Egypt Station single "Who Cares" — as well as four live performances of Egypt Station tracks taken from Abbey Road Studios, The Cavern Club, LIPA, and Paul’s iconic performance at Grand Central Station.

Limited Edition Egypt Station Concertina CD.

Exclusive Limited Edition collector’s Egypt Station Blue Cassette.

HD Audio of all tracks upon shipment.

Additional rare performances footage hidden inside.

"Special Features" include:

Luxury vintage-style embossed Egypt Station artwork suitcase.

An exclusive copy of a handwritten note from Paul.

Fold out, vintage-style Egypt Station illustrated map suitable for framing.

Travel memorabilia including "travel itinerary," postcards, baggage tickets and first class ticket.

Egypt Station luggage stickers.

Travel journal featuring copies of Paul’s handwritten lyrics.

Paul McCartney recently called into to New York City's National Public Radio affiliate WFUV and explained how his intention was to make Egypt Station a concept album: ["The kind of albums that used to get made in the '60s and '70s; the idea then was that you sort of put on your album and you just chilled out and you would just listen to the whole album. So, it was kind of like, a journey, y'know? And you would start and go through this magical journey. So, we did that with, like, Beatles albums, like Sgt. Pepper, Pink Floyd with The Dark Side Of The Moon, so I thought it'd be nice to make an album like that, rather than, y'know, just a collection of singles."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . collection of singles)

McCartney told us that although he's been asked to describe his songwriting process for decades, he admits that he's afraid to delve too deeply into it: ["Y'know, I think it spoils it for me to analyze it. It's magic to me, this whole process is completely magic. And I really always feel like someone's gonna catch me and stop me doing it for a living. (Adopts stern voice) 'McCartney! You're writing again!' (Adopts young voice) 'Sorry sir!' There's always that feeling that this is just too good to be true, so I don't wanna tempt fate."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . wanna tempt fate)

Source: Pulse of Radio