For as closely linked as they might seem to the casual fan, Pete Townshend maintains that he and Roger Daltrey's relationship is based squarely on work. Townshend is currently in the midst of a two-week break from the sessions for the Who's upcoming album, while Daltrey continues tracking his vocals for the set.

Over 55 years since joining forces and changing rock history, Pete Townshend talked candidly to Sky News about his and Roger Daltrey's connection: “I think our relationship as friends and as co-workers, it's not an intimate one. When we travel on the road, we don't spend a lot of time together. I think what makes it interesting for us both is that this feels very much like work. It feels like we're co-workers. And when we get together, y'know, there's also that thing about carrying the history that we do; it kind of imposes, and interposes and interpolates a bit of magic — nothing to do with us!”

Roger Daltrey recently explained that both on and off the stage, he and Pete Townshend remain brothers in arms to the end: “It's never been low, it's always been very close, but like every good, close relationship, you're gonna have your little spats. And that's what builds your character and your strength. And we're probably closer today and having more fun. . . What's so wonderful about — we've been together nearly 60 years now — Pete and I — in a professional relationship.”

Source: Pulse of Radio