Jimmy Page has produced a new spoken word record by his girlfriend, noted poet Scarlett Sabet. Page said in a statement announcing the album, called Catalyst, "I knew Scarlett’s poems were exceptionally vibrant in print and I had witnessed the power of her public readings. I thought it would be exciting to do a project together to emphasize the power of the spoken word in the context of poetry and present her work in a radical form."
Ultimate Classic Rock reported the collection, which is released through the Jimmy Page Records imprint, is packaged with a "24-page booklet and an etched vinyl portrait of Sabet, with photography by Page’s daughter Scarlet. A signed edition, limited to 156 copies, is also on sale." (Ultimate Classic Rock)

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons has announced the fourth annual Jungle Show set for December 27th and 28th at Antone’s in Austin, Texas. As in years past, the band consists of guitar great Jimmie Vaughan, Double Trouble drummer Chris Layton, along with Mike Flanigin, Sue Foley. The band's name — Jungle Show — comes from an obscure B.B. King favorite of the band, which they first played together during King's Austin City Limits Hall of Fame induction. With all the well-know classics already chosen, Gibbons and the band picked the deep catalogue cut for their own.
Gibbons told Rolling Stone, "We’ve come to think of this Jungle Show thing as something of a destination musical event. Certainly, Jimmie, Mike, Sue, Chris and I all set our sights on Austin as the year winds down. . . Let’s put it this way, it’s well worth the trip, irrespective on which side of the footlights you may find yourself." (Rolling Stone)

Tickets for The Jungle Show go on sale on October 15th at 9 a.m. ET.


Filmmaker Thom Zimny spoke about the rare archival footage included in the new Bruce Springsteen concert film, Western Stars. Talking to Backstreets.com, Zimny — a longtime part of the Springsteen team — revealed, "I went back into the vault to find some things that demonstrate the ideas that Bruce was discussing in the interview. He talked about his creative process of working with the strings, so I went in and found a clip of him playing in Rome with an orchestra, and shots of him in the studio during Born To Run. I really tried to keep it to things that were not used before in the other docs, like The Promise or Wings For Wheels."(Backstreets.com)
Springsteen's Western Stars movie will have its U.S. premiere on Sunday night (October 13th) at the Hamptons International Film Festival, with the film also playing again the following night.

Springsteen will release his upcoming soundtrack album, Western Stars – Songs From The Film on October 25th — the same day the movie hits theaters.


Diana Ross has signed on to perform in the "legends" slot on the pyramid stage at England's 2020 Glastonbury Festival. Previous artists to play the slot include Paul Simon, Lionel Richie, Dolly Parton, and Kylie Minogue. Ross, who last performed in the UK back in in 2008, will take the stage on closing night, June 28th. She said in a tweet, "This is a dream come true. To all the fans across the world, this is my tribute to you. I'm coming to Glastonbury, with love." (CNN)

Coming on December 6th will be a new book on Deep Purple's legendary frontman, titled, Ian Gillan: A Visual Biography. The 128-page limited edition hardback book "is housed in a custom-made presentation box with a set of prints, it is strictly limited to 1000 copies." According to the press release, the unofficial tome "includes many rare items of memorabilia, including a full itinerary from the Ian Gillan Band’s 1977 Japanese tour, plus posters and cuttings that help to document over fifty years as one of rock’s most iconic frontmen." The book, which is being issued through Wymer Publishing, sells for about $75.00. (Wymeruk.co.uk)