Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has told SiriusXM that the writing sessions for the band's new album were cut short late last year due to the Woolsey Fire. The blaze that broke out in November destroyed more than 1,500 Californian homes and other buildings from Ventura County to Malibu and killed four people.

Smith explained, “We started to work on (the new album), which, for us, is just getting in a room and making some noise and putting some notes together. And then the fires came, and the house we were working in, there was no damage, it didn't burn down, but we couldn't get back in there. So that halted our (progress).”

Smith told us a while back that it's rare for members of the Chili Peppers to write new music on their own: “We always got ideas bouncing, but until the four of us get in a room together, you know, that's when we really see how it takes shape. And for the most part when we all get together, that's when it really starts – get into a groove of jamming and writing.” both live in Point Dume. Seventy houses in our neighborhood burned down. Ours was spared, luckly. So it was close to our hearts, and we wanted to do something. And it worked out. And it was fun.”

The most recent Red Hot Chili Peppers album, The Getaway, was released in June 2016.

Source: Pulse of Radio