Red Hot Chili Peppers played their first show in Tasmania on Sunday (February 17th), kicking off an Australian tour with their first visit to the island state. The show was marred, however, by a power outage shortly after the band began the second song of the set.

The outage cut the band's mics one by one, until the only live one remaining was bassist Flea's. He continued to sing on his own until his own mic went out, and then he proceeded to keep the crowd entertained by doing handstands until the power was restored.

The power came back on after 20 minutes, with technicians at the Derwent Entertainment Center saying that the venue's age and an inadequate power supply were likely to blame for the outage.

The Chili Peppers are in Australia for a two-week tour, the band's first in the country in 12 years. The band recently performed at the Grammy Awards with Post Malone and have been working on music for their 12th studio LP.

Source: Pulse of Radio